Make lists and label your boxes

Make a list to help you record what’s in each box.

Don't overfill or under-fill your boxes

Remember boxes have to be lifted but also partially filled boxes may collapse if heavy items are placed on top of them.

Beware of newsprint!

When packing your valuable and fragile possessions please remember that newsprint will rub off, use plain paper where this may be a problem. Regis Removals can supply upon request clean white packaging paper.

Packing Boxes

Always use double walled cardboard boxes, small boxes for books and CD’s and large boxes for kitchen and general items. We provide these boxes free of charge and only require a fully refundable deposit.

Don't pack important documents

Remember to keep important documents aside, including any house sale documents.


Kitchen appliances such as fridges, freezers or washing machines that contain water should be drained and allowed to dry before removal.


Please ensure there is adequate parking outside your house on removal day, ask any neighbours to keep your access clear, if you have permit parking it will be necessary to arrange a dispensation from the local parking authority.

Television supply

Should you subscribe to any satellite or cable services arrangements will have to be made to get this transferred.

A Typical Day…